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4,416 Cities in the world, millions of businesses. What do they all have in common?

Fire poses a serious risk to the continuity of any business. Large scale fires can lay waste an entire business in a matter of hours and few businesses can recover from such a disaster. It is therefor important to identify the risk areas, assess the type of risk and take preventative precautions.




Room Integrity Testing

Automatic Fire Protection

Firestop Sealing

Overpressure Relief Vents. Fire and Smoke Dampers.

Maintenance and Service

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Room Integrity Testing

An Enclosure Integrity Test is a mandatory commissioning function for any gaseous extinguishing system that complies with ISO 14520, NFPA 2001, EN 15004 & AS ISO 14520. Confirming whether the enclosure that is being protected will maintain the suppression agent for a minimum duration of 10 minutes is a critical part of the overall system performance.

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Firestop Sealing


Total Flooding Fire Suppression

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Kitchen Automatic Fire Suppression

Fume Hoods. CNC Mills. Flammable Storage. Trucks. Busses. Environment Cabinets.



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